Yes!! We Need Your Help!!

An ADU Volunteer

Volunteering at any organization can be a rewarding experience. Even though experience is not required, one can gain the satisfaction, and make contacts. Money and resources will always be there, but other important asset that any non-profit organization needs are hands and mind.

Uncle Sam's message

Whether you are young, old, working or not, Assistance Dogs Unlimited needs you. We are always looking for people to volunteer in many areas.

Listed below are some types of help we need to keep this agency running:
  1. Editor for a quartly newsletter: Interested in running a quartly newsletter ? This is your opportunity. We need someone who can update our clients and donors with the latest news about our graduates and upcoming events.
  2. Dog trainer: Have that itch of becoming a dog trainer ? Do you love to work with dogs?? This is a chance of a lifetime. This will give you some experience of how to command a dog to sit, pick-up fallen objects, press buttons etc. Also this will give you a chance to learn how a client's dog can be re-certified.
  3. Events coordinator: Want to take charge of an event ? Do you want to help bring proceeds to this agency ?? We need someone who can prepare a successful event from start to finish.
  4. Printing/Xeroxing and distributing fliers to advertise our agency: Our main goal is to train dogs to assist our clients. We need someone who can help us to spread the word about who we are, what our agency does, etc.
  5. Transporting dogs to clients: We would like to have someone who can deliver a dog to our client. Not only this be a rewarding experience, you will have company too.
  6. Transporting items (i.e. baked goods) to functions: Interested in making cookies and other goodies ?? Do you want to find a way to advertise your business ? Well not only you can do this, but you are also donating time and resources for a good cause. Plus, you get more clients this way!!
  7. Fund Raiser: Training a dog takes a lot of money and time. Many a times, clients cannot afford such a dog. By finding ways to raise money, clients who cannot afford to purchase such a dog can afford one.
  8. Foster a Dog: This is a memoriable exeprience. We need someone who can raise a pup.
If you would like more information about any of the above, please contact Mary Waltman.
If you are interested in any of the above or you know another way to help this agency please fill out an application form.