Our Dogs


All of our dogs are rescues. ADU carefully selects each dog to ensure that it is compatible with the personality and needs of the client. Our we select the dog, then the real training begins.

The health of our dogs is as important as the training. Our dogs visit our veterinarians on a regularly basis and are fed quality natural foods which help maintain their good health.

Our training process enables our dogs to be out in the public sector and perform tasks to improve our client’s independence.

Currently, we offer two types of dogs to our clients: Assistance and Companion dogs. In the future, we may be introducing other types of service dogs such as Hearing Alert dog.

Assistance Dog:
Example of a Assistance Dog Assistance dogs are trained to aid and assist special clients 24/7 whether inside a home or building or outside in the community. They undergo extensive training to respond to specific commands designed to assist people with mobility impairments. Assistance dogs can perform such tasks that include:
and many other tasks of daily living. Assistance dogs allow those who are physically challenged the opportunity to live independently.

Companion Dog:
These dogs that are well mannered, have more than basic training, and help those in the home environment.